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Monday, October 29, 2007

Yellow Tea Mug

I found this cool yellow mug in the GoodWill store, of course. There is no tea in the cup, just the spoon and the bag. I worked with only natural light here which lent the dark area lots of color. Sorry about the glare. I'll post the finish on Just Painting.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Coba Mayan Ruins Adventure

We were permanently cured of our desire to visit ancient Mayan Ruins on our recent trip to Coba. Don't get me wrong, the Pyramid site is awesome and the Cenote was equally so. The walk through the underground caves at Aktun Chen amazing as well. BUT (you knew that was coming) the humidity in Mexico is 95% and the walk from the bus to the Pyramid was a mile and a half ;) You could ride a bike BUT again, you'd miss the guided tour since most were on foot. Sticky and hot is how I'd describe it. We did enjoy our tour guides and the nice lunch we were served in an out of the way Cantina where a few cats and roosters wandered about while we ate. I know, cats? Roosters? Mexico? What were they serving? It was good what ever it was and we sure were hungry. Here are some photos from the trip. The top photo is the Caves at Aktunchen and the second one is the Cenote at Coba. That's my husband in the yellow shirt making his way down the steps of the pyramid at Coba. I'm over climbing pyramids in the stifling jungle heat ;) Still, it was fun.