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Saturday, July 22, 2006

100 Degrees

OMG Despite a temperature reading that wouldn't find me even leaving the house, a moment of insanity led me to head up to the the beach around 2PM. It turned out to be biting fly day at the beach and they were relentless. Not the greenheads. Vampires that they are, they kind of zone out as they go for the chomp and you can actually smack 'em dead. Not so with these smaller flies which kind of look like house flies but aren't. After about 2 hours (I can't believe I stayed that long) I packed up and headed home to the air conditioners. Heaven in it's own way. (I tried to post this on Tuesday when it was fresh but e blogger wasn't having any)

Monday, July 17, 2006

It's Like A Heat Wave

I am revealing my boomer roots when I use old song titles for my posts. I believe that song was by Martha and the Vandellas. Circa the sixties. Well, today was a scorcher as they say. We are only a block from the ocean and it's usually a bit cooler here. NOT. 97* That's HOT. I have succumbed, happily I might add, to the New England version of central air conditioning which is multiple window units, and I'm usually quite content to stay inside with my creature comforts but today when I went out to water the plants, there was a definite seabreeze. I could tell that it was a beach day. I ran to the market to get the hot meatloaf dinner for the hubby. No cooking for this girl and I ran home to hit the sand. I set up my CVS umbrella (of dubious quality) and lounged in a beach chair for the afternoon with a book about Eugene O'Neill and the inception of the Provincetown Players. My hubby came to visit for about an hour before returning home to the King's chair and cable, while I stayed until 6:30 and then picked it all up and went home. By the time I made it down the street I was as hot and sweaty as I ever have been and when I walked through the door of my house, heading straight for the shower, I thanked the Good Lord for cheap air conditioners. Tomorrow, I'm going back.