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Monday, October 24, 2005

The Pirate Ships before the evening cruise.
The evening sky over The Gran Costa Real Hotel
The Beach at Club Internacional de Cancun
Our Villa is second floor on the far right
Beautiful Cancun The Cancun of my last vist, only two weeks ago, is gone. I'm most pained to know that the people I see year after year are going to suffer financial hardship for some time to come without their jobs. They work so hard for only about $3 a day plus the tips they get from the guests. They actually value their jobs and are super polite and friendly. They Care. During my time there I'm always reminded about the difference in service in Mexico and service in the USA. No comparison. Had I had the misfortune to be caught in Cancun during Wilma I would rather have blown away in the storm than share quarters with hundreds of complete strangers in the Cinema complex in Cancun City. Just as the scene in New Orleans turned horrific due to lack of sanitary facilities, food and water, the scene in Cancun was similar. The difference was that one couldn't just rent a car and drive away from the affected area. You're in Mexico The hotel zone was under mandatory evacuation orders so we'd have been forced to leave the place we know we would have been safe in for a bus ride to the dreaded 'shelter'. The buildings of Club Internacional are rock solid. During Hurricane Roxanne, all the beachfront people were moved to villas higher up on the back or 'lagoon' side of the complex. We stayed in our second floor villa and luckily Roxanne passed about 40 miles below us and we were not affected much beyond wind and minimal storm surge. I have no doubt that we were in the most perfect shelter right there in our own villas. Since I'm going back next year, I plan to write to my Vacation Club and let them know that I am never leaving the premises in the event of a major hurricane and that they should pass on to the powers that be that they'll take care of their own guests, thank you very much! Here's the view from my room.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Twelve years ago my husband and I were married at this resort called Vacation Club Internacional de Cancun or VCI when you take a cab or a bus. It's a time share for the same October week each year. My first visit was in 1987 and I fell in love with Mexico and the Club. I can only describe the air there as soft. Like no other place I've been. A steady breeze rustles the palm trees all night. The night skies are black with great puffy white clouds that stand out against them. We see many of the same people every year and meet alot of new ones who are lucky enough to swap their time at another resort and land at Ours. It never gets old and we never have to worry about what to give each other on our anniversary!

Monday, October 03, 2005

This is what's called 'flying the coop'

Saturday, October 01, 2005

It seems I have to post something here in
order to comment on my friend's blog. Here's a photo of Albert, the rooster,
another friend of mine.