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Sunday, December 04, 2005


I love winter. I can afford to say that because I'm spending it in Naples, FL. But I miss the snow. Glad to see this early dusting and looking forward to a supposed N'oreaster Mon nite/TuesAM. Lotsa snow. Lotsa snow paintings.


Lulabelle said...

I love winter too.

Having spent the early part of my life in MA, I'm glad I had the experiences of white Christmas's, sledding, snowballs and snowmen, horseback riding on horses fuzzy with winter coats through the beautiful, snow-covered dunes of P-Town. Ah, these are some wonderful winter memories of childhood in NE.

As an adult, I'm greatful I've never... had to shovel snow from our driveway in order to get the car out (thankfully! our driveway's 300 ft! long), scraped ice of the car windows and that freezing my butt off in sub-zero weather is an optional activity, reserved for the occassional winter vacation (we've done so in MA, NC & CO).

Here in Naples, winter is about rejoicing at the lawn needing cut only once per month (instead of once per day!) and sunny, 70 degree days being the norm. Below 70 is "COLD!" ... 2 degrees less is "FREEZING!".

Winter also means that Marewhee & D are LOCAL! And even though I haven't spent as much time with them as I'd like the last couple seasons (determined + new business = workaholics), just having them so near brings me comfort. And I know I can look forward to M dropping by the office for a quick visit and spoon-full of her delicious encouragement, which has been a staple throughout my life!

Not to mention Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and the splendid mood it puts most people in.

Mmmmmmwwwwwhhhhhhaaaaa! I love your posts and I'm glad you invited me in. I look forward to learning and sharing more with you and rdl.


Marewheeee said...

Chrissie, that's a sweet message.

rdl said...

mare, is that yr pic? it's a beauty!

Marewheeee said...

Thatis my photo.
Taken in Brant Rock on a COLD December night 2 years ago.
I waited for the waves to be the right shapes as I was shooting.