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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My Dog Named Pooh

Since I haven't posted in so long it's now winter time and walking Pooh is a bit less strenuous (fewer people) in terms of gathering up the poo. But, it's still a minefield of risk.
We walked in pitch darkness a few nights ago but as soon as the proper time arrived so did some headlights waaay at the bottom of the street so's they'd be spotlighting us the entire time.
I'm dressed all in black fleece except my Nike shoes which glow in the dark and I carry a flashlight. Sort of invisible but not ;)
Luckily I had plentiful bags and bounties with me and Yes, I did pick it up.
These posts are dedicated to all dog lovers who cope with this several times daily.
Not for the faint of heart!
His name is Morey. There is no love like dog love.


Marewheeee said...

Ouch, sorry for the too light font readers!

Marewheeee said...

Never mind. I went back and changed it.

rdl said...

ah, doggy love. :D

Lulabelle said...

Oh boy, Morey is going to miss you so when you head down here! (which I believe is in the next day or so... 7th?). Blogged like the doo-dah man myself tonight (you or rdl made this comment and it stuck - cracked me up). Caught up on saved drafts, which oddly enough appear in order of orig date saved; rather than date/time posted? hmmm.