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Monday, February 19, 2007

Parrsboro, Nova Scotia

For those who came over here to see some photos of the Bay of Fundy I have some great stuff to show. I am a fanatic photo taker and digital photography has pulled out all the stops for all of us. No more wasted $$$$ on experimental or poor shots. I have been visiting Parrsboro annually for 10 years this summer. Here are some of the many moods of this special place. Depicted here: Morning, low tide, misty conditions, by mid afternoon the high tide has brought winds and clear skies. You can actually feel the wind shift at the tide change.
Check out the red in the water. That is not a photographic enhancement. Is that great or what?
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Terri McCulloch said...

Hey Mary, we meet again. These two high-low pics are awesome! That is a great vantage point you have there at 2nd beach. You can't really appreciate high tide on the Bay of Fundy until you've seen low.
Until we meet, Terri

Marewheeee said...

You do really have to see the difference to have it sink in. Last summer we walked all the way out and around to the pier. I took a zillion pictures and will be posting and painting from them.
I'm tickled about our Parrsboro connection.I'll be seeing you.

rdl said...

omg. wishin we were sittin in those chairs!!!