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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Florida Rain

Yesterday we had huge cumulus clouds and high humidity. Mid afternoon the thunder started and it poured Monsoon like rain for a couple of hours. It was pretty awesomely LOUD and we need the rain! Check out Just Painting to see my latest work.


Sky said...

oh, how i love the rain. good thing that i do. i live in the seattle area! :) what a fabulous photograph of the drenching rain and the movement it captures.

i have read through this blog and am a bit confused about where it is you really live! :) do you live in new england in spring/summer and winter in florida? you travel a lot, it seems, which is such a magnificent way to live.

thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. i followed your link back to your blogs - it is always nice to find new places to visit. then i remembered the painting of the christmas bell on the ribbon which i had liked very much, so i have been around before! glad to be back to read more about your very interesting life. :)

rdl said...

Beautiful sky!!

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Some winter day you have to paint that sky. Or I will!