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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Provincetown, Massachusetts

Provincetown is a very special place. I remember driving there with my sisters when I had just gotten my license. We drove up through the East end past all the beautiful cottages with gardens in bloom. I thought I'd never seen such beauty. It still hits me the same way every time I go.


Paula Villanova said...

Me too! I remember visiting with my aunt when I was 10 and climbing the tower. I still love visiting and painting there; I even like the long ride there!

Lorna said...

Lovely photos. I want to live in a fuschia-coloured house.

Or, second best, over the Lobster Pot

Sandy said...

Great pics and I appreciate getting to see these since I'll probably never travel there.

I have to remember to check this blog out!

Lulabelle said...

xoxo, P-Town. You hold a special place in my heart!

Lulabelle said...

ps: Wonder if Martin made his bail? LOL!