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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Winter Wonderland

The Harbor
Wind whistling off the roof
Easy for me to rhapsodize about the beauty of the snow and the brisk winter air because I'm spending the rest of the winter in Naples, Florida. Here are some local scenes after a beautiful snowstorm. Yes, I did shovel snow, so I know where of I speak. The great thing about the internet is it doesn't matter where I really am because I'm always here :D


Paula Villanova said...

Hey lady, we'll miss you arou nd these parts but I hope your sunny and warm Florida winter is nothing short of fantastic. Keep painting! (and posting!)

Lulabelle said...

looks like a nice place to visit ... LOL glad to have you back with us in sunny, currently somewhat "chilly" (cold to us) Fla! xoxoxo

Laura said...

Enjoy in NC we usually don't get snow but hey they are calling for a couple of inches tonight...everything will shut down lol

Sandy said...

wow, nice pics but cold looking. Are you going to share photos of where you are at in Naples! Like sun and warmth, ha.

rdl said...

:D but i'm still here :(