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Monday, July 13, 2009

Balloon Festival

I went to New Hampshire this weekend to attend a family birthday party for my nephew, Colin, who turned four last week. Sunday we spent the day at a hot air balloon festival in nearby, Hillsborough. It was a fantastically summer-y, sunny, breezy day, for a change, and there were rides for the kids, plenty of food of all sorts and booths with stuff to buy. This is my brother and sister in law, Tom and Anne and my little boys Ryan and Colin, watching the liftoff around 6PM. Spectacular! A great time!


rdl said...

Beautiful colors auntie Ree!

bdycttdncr said...

After you visited my site and commented on the dance painting, I visited your sites. I enjoyed your blogs and your work.
This photo took my eye. It is so beautifully composed and the colors are magnificent. I hope you have this in line for a painting. I love the colors you put into your paintings. And you could do a marvelous rendition of this photo.
At least, it got my artistic juices bubbling up. I'd love to be able to paint this in watercolor if you'd give me permission to? But will understand if you'd want to keep it for yourself. This photo reminds me of Karin Jurick's style-with the people an important part of the scene. Ruth Bodycott

Carol Blackburn said...

Hi Mary,
Had to check out this blog of yours. Lo and behold Mike and I went to Hillsborough NH too. We stayed at this little bed and breakfast where the wife kept calling the husband by different names but he always called her Clara. We remember that night fondly. What a hoot! The festival was lovely. We got some nice pics too. Glad I popped in on you. Have a great night.