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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Bloggin' Like the Doodah Man

Oh Brother! I had a eloquent post going about the painting life and when I went to preview it it disappeared. Anyway........ the point was.............. Why do we go to Maine to paint when we live here on the South Shore? Working harbors abound and the scenery is classic. You can see pretty much everything New England/Cape Cod locally, several times over. Well, it's all about the trip. Painting's not the same if you have to go home and cook supper. Most of the time, when I go 'home', someone else is cooking and we're all having some wine. A couple of times a year I escape to Maine. Some small island or island chain connected by bridges. Downeast, midcoast, I love it all. This photo is of Cohasset harbor with Minot's light in the distance. It's about 15 miles from my house on a very scenic drive.


rdl said...

Hey didn't you see the copyright on the Doodah man? :D
good post, did you try restore post? or stored post or something like that is on there.
keep on....

Marewheeee said...

It's a writer's blog and I transgressed =:-D
No,it just went away.
Dunno. Love bloggin'.
Love putting the pictures on :)