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Monday, December 12, 2005

A Million Photos

On my trip to Stonington, Maine, this past August, I poked my head inside a fisherman's shack in my endless quest for incredible painting subjects. Is this guy great or what? It looks like room size still life set up just for me :D This painting/photographing quest tends to result in thousands of photos (thank heaven we aren't printing every one anymore) of which some are of reasonably good quality. How to use them? A good enough reason to blog don'tcha think?


rdl said...

excellent reason my friend. :D

rdl said...

Well after our mega phone call it looks like the links thing didn't work after all. will have to have a live sesion, with Thai and wine. :D

rdl said...

hey what's this.. an abandoned blog?? better talk to the doodah man. :D

Marewheeee said...

Seems like an abandoned blog but it's just that I'm not on every night. Love your blog and its' links.
Your link comes up on my blog didja notice?