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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Ryan's Christmas Tricycle

Ryan on his first real bike. He was put to bed shortly after the bike presentation by Tommy, his father, my youngest brother. Tom said, "your presence is requested by Ryan.", So, I went up to see him and he asked me for the blue pillow. I got it, rubbed his back, chatted accordingly and thought he was almost asleep when Colin started making noise. Ryan woke up abruptly, and said, 'Colin wants to go downstairs, I want to go downstairs. I want to ride my bike.' He finally found a comfortable sleeping position on top of the blue pillow and Colin's (claimed by Ryan) huge stuffed tiger. I just absolutely adore him. Plus he looks like my baby pictures.


tom said...

I like your brothers name...good lookin' kids there...I married into an Irish Catholic clan, of the Quinn variety...wife is one of nine...we have six of our own and 4 grands with one on the way...we are trying to reverse the population trends singlehandedly...take care!

Marewheeee said...

Tom, thanks for the checking out my blog. I'm one of six in the Sheehan clan. There were only two grandchildren who are now 26 & 36, born to my sister and now two babies born to the 'baby' in our family, who is, himself, 39. It's a regeneration.
It really adds to the Christmas celebration. I'm lovin' it.

rdl said...

Rutro! maybe we can fix it when you are over tmrrw. after a bloody. :D