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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Messing up The Blog Format

Whatever I did to FINALLY add the link to my painting site, messed up the format. During all the hassle of working with the HTML template, I moved something that I would never recognize, by the way, and now my links show up between posts. Archives seem gone. Is it time to do what a woman I once knew did when her checking account was in disarray? She'd close it and open a new one. No reason I can't add a picture though. This is a view of my studio windows.


rdl said...

Hey Mare, ya talking about me?? I just did that again recently. :D
And I have a fabulous new system so that I never have to balance my checkbook again. I don't it down in the ledger til it clears the bank; i just wait and go online every couple of days and write it it then. Don would just die wouldn't he?
So where oh where is the link to the new and improved blog??? so I can add it to my links.
this will teach you to tinker with the template unless you are in safe template mode and check your edits first.
c'est la vie.

Marewheeee said...

Isn't it great?
Yup, Don would die........
I'm back

Anvilcloud said...

One thing I can tell you is that you have some code where you shouldn't. Up near the top of your template right under "style type="text/css" you have duplicated the code for the links that you see under your posts. You should delete that. I don't know whether it will solve other problems too, but it's a place to start.