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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Some Thoughts on Christmas Eve

Blogging is so much fun yet I am barely able to get to it. My last post was 11 days ago and rdl has come by to look and nada. So....... Merry Christmas......Happy Chunakah....and all good wishes for the season of hope, isn't it supposed to be? This is the time of year where if you are reasonably happy and have suffered no horrible tragedy you need to count your blessings. So many people suffer so much. The rampant comsumerism is a turn off, although, I do contribute my share to the local economy and enjoy a low key gift giving policy. I think it is impossible to make such a big splash every Christmas. It's ridiculous to try. Nice little meaningful gifts are better. Here's a picture of my mother's Christmas tree which I decorated on Wednesday. My favorite part of Christmas is the lights.


rdl said...

Very nice Marewhee, you are a good girl.

Marewheeee said...

Thanks honey ;D
Peace to you too.