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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Double Blogging

I launched a new blog named Just Painting. This blog is to sort of explore the paintings. I'm finally going to break out of my comfort zone and teach. This will open up a lot of new doors for me marketingwise and it's what you gotta do. Artists who have even a modest amount of financial success, are well organized and focused on showing their work. I'm also learning from my friend's experience, that having non stop pressure to show in a bunch of galleries, definitely makes the work begin to have a churned out feeling. I can't say the paintings aren't nice, although some of them just don't move me as much. Once you're successful, supposedly everything you do is worthy. But I disagree. Sometimes painters get so caught up in the 'glory' moment that they begin to think that every canvas they produce has some monetary value. I don't think all paintings are equally valued according to size. Sometimes a painting is just a level or so above another painting of the same size and prefer to put a higher price on select paintings that I'd rather enjoy myself than give away. That's the way it is. As One painter friend said, "it's not like we're knitting sweaters, same size, different pattern." I heartily agree. Here's a painting that I did of a shed in Nova Scotia.


rdl said...

Nice!! can't read this turqoise font tho hon.

rdl said...

Ya there yet? maybe you'll have time to fix this now? and find the new one, so i can link to that instead.

Marewheeee said...

Finally here. In Naples and feeling fat. Scroll back and read the post from my studio windows. Yes, I was talking about you too ;D
No more turquoise then.