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Sunday, January 01, 2006

One Long Skinny Column

Ok, my blog is now one long skinny column. The bio and the archives are still there, but way down the bottom. The new word for this blog is scroll ; ) Here's the full moon rising over Brant Rock which get's it's due today in the Boston Globe, for being the site of the first radio (for entertainment) broadcast from Blackman's Point Trailer Park (it wasn't a trailer park then) to a sister station in Scotland, by a guy named Reginald A. Fessenden. There's a marker in the trailer park commemorating that 1906 broadcast. Brant Rock, so named for the Brants which are sea ducks and the rocks upon which they sat is a small village at the very end of Rte 139 in Marshfield. My first apartment was there next to the trailer park. Now Marshfield is a tony town with high real estate prices and Brant Rock has it's own little white oval outlined in black to let people know you're from there. What a difference 30 years makes .

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